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SchoolFaculty and Staff    April 24, 2014
                               FACULTY and STAFF
                                       2013 - 2014
     Principal                         Mr. Steven Gettelman
     Pastor                            Reverand Dean A. Dummer
     4K am - 4K/5K pm           Ms. Brittney Ulik
     5K                                 Mrs. Kathy Kolb
     1st & 2nd Grade              Mrs. Jeanne Meyer
     3rd & 4th Grade               Ms. Rita Van Dyke
     Middle School Staff           Mrs. Lisa Hengst
     Middle School Staff           Mr. Steven Gettelman
     Middle School Staff           Mrs. Pat Lemmer
     Computer Lab                 Mrs. Manya Suchy

     Athletic Director               Ms. Rita VanDyke
     School Secretary              Ms. Pam Bauer


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